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Copies of some of these publications are available on request.

Saul, John M. (2022): "Gemstone Deposits of Eastern Kenya and Tanzania Controlled by Ancient Meteorite
Impacts and Continental Collision – an Exploration Model", The Australian Gemmologist, vol. 28, no. 1,
pp.15-24. PDF
[Saul, John M. (preprint, 2022):"Ancient impact-scars control regional geology worldwide", posted to Research
Square. LINK ]
Saul, John M. (2021 [2022]): "The Ends of the Earth", Mother Tongue, vol. 23, pp.179-190. PDF91
Sorokina, Elena S., Axel K. Schmitt, Anette Juul-Nielsen, Roman E. Botcharnikov, Tobias Häger, Stephan Buhre,
John M. Saul, Wolfgang Hofmeister (2022): "Origin and formation conditions of ruby mineralization in
the Neoarchean: a case study of Bjørnesund deposit, Greenland", Goldschmidt Conf. abstract. PDF90

Boucot, Arthur J., with edits by John M. Saul and John B. Southard (2021): Some Thoughts About the Evolution of
Human Behavior: A Literature Survey, Archaeopress Publishing, Oxford, 236pp. Folder 89
Saul, John M. (2021): An Extra Player on the Playing Field of History, Peter Lang, 274pp. PDF88, WORD88,
Saul, John M. (2021): "The Cambrian explosion as a Black Box: a qualitative appreciation", International Geology
Review, PDF87,

Saul, John (2020): "Initial Conditions", in Joseph Nadeau, I Can Still See it Now, pp.98-101.
ISBN 978-9966-757-65-4.
Saul, John M. (2020): “Comment la mythologie permet de dater la préhistoire”, Bulletin trimestriel du Group Ile-
de-France de Mythologie Française, Lettre 114 (June) pp.9-15.  ISSN 1291-4339. PDF86

Saul, John M. (2019): "Timkat: A Christian Ethiopian Celebration with ancient roots", Old Africa, no. 86, pp.14-
18, Naivasha, Kenya. PDF81
Saul, John M. (2019): What the Stork brought: African click-speakers and the spread of humanity’s oldest beliefs,
Old Africa Press, Naivasha, Kenya, viii, 109pp. FILEwith PDFs79
Saul, John M. (2019): "Homosexuality as a Necessary Outcome of Variation", Life: The Excitement of Biology
(LEB), vol. 6(2), pp.44-46. PDF78

Saul, John M. (2018): "Geographical and Biological Origin of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918", Life: The
Excitement of Biology (LEB), vol. 6(1), pp.5-12. See next entry.

(2019): "Geographical and Biological Origin of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918: Update and Correction",
Life: The Excitement of Biology (LEB), vol. 7(1), pp.34-35. PDFs77and 80
Saul, John M.

(2018): "Flickering Flames over the Libyan Desert?", International Geology Review, vol. 46(10)
pp.1340-1369. DOI: 10.1080/00206814.2018.1512057 FILEwithPDF76
Saul, John M. (2018): " Circular scars dating to the Earth's accretionary period", International Carbon Conference
2018, ICC 2018, 10–14 September 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland, Energy Procedia; pp.12-16. PDF75

Saul, John M. (2017): "Transparent Gemstones and the most recent supercontinent cycle", 35th International
Gemmological Conference (IGC35), Windhoek. Poster and Abstract available throug .PDF74
Saul, John M. (on-line 25 July 2017 ; print 2018): " Transparent gemstones and the most recent supercontinent
cycle ", International Geology Review, vol. 60(7), pp.889-919. DOI: 10.1080/00206814.2017.1354730
Kolesnikov, Anton Yu., John M. Saul & Vladimir G. Kutcherov (2017): "Chemistry of Hydrocarbons Under
Extreme Thermobaric Conditions", ChemistrySelect, vol. 2(4), pp.1336-1352. DOI:
10.1002/slct.201601123. PDF73
Sorokina, Elena S., Delia Rösel, Tobias Häger, Regina Mertz-Kraus & John M. Saul (2017): "LA-ICP-MS U–Pb
dating of rutile inclusions within corundum (ruby
 and sapphire): new constraints on the formation of
corundum deposits along the Mozambique belt", Mineralium Deposita, vol. 52(5), pp 641-649. DOI
10.1007/s00126-017-0732-x PDF72

Saul, John M. (2016): "Subduction initiation along arcs: keeping it simple", Origin and Evolution of Plate
Tectonics International Workshop" (17-22 July) Monte Veritá, Locarno, Poster and Abstract. PDF at:
Sorokina, Elena S., Wolfgang Hofmeister, Tobias Häger, Regina Mertz-Kraus, Stephan Buhre and John M. Saul
(2016): "Morphological and chemical evolution of corundum (ruby and sapphire): Crystal ontogeny
reconstructed by EMPA, LA-ICP-MS, and Cr3+ Raman mapping", American Mineralogist, vol. 101(12),
pp.2716-2722. PDF71
Saul, J.M. (2016): "The ruby mine of Longido", Old Africa, No. 64, April–May, pp.18–19. PDF70
Saul, J.M. (2016): "Deep 'plugs' caught in continent-to-continent collisions, gemstones, deposits of metals, oil &
gas", 35th International Geological Congress (Capetown, 27 Aug.- 4 Sept.) Paper 149. PDF68
Saul, John M. (2016): "Odd rocks in the Libyan desert – a Flickering Flame hypothesis", Conference Silica –
Zezura 8-9 October 2016, Bologna, Poster available through

Saul, John M. (2015): "Deep Time, Deep Subduction, Deep Gas, and Certain Transparent Gemstones", Deep
Carbon Observatory (DCO), Second International Science Meeting (26-28 March 2015) Munich, Poster.
Saul, John M. (2015): "'Electrum' why was the same word used for amber and for the naturally occurring alloy of
gold + silver?", 34th International Gemmological Conference (IGC24), Vilnius, Poster and Abstract.

Saul, John M. (2014): A Geologist Speculates, Les 3 Colonnes, Paris, 159pp., ISBN 978-2-37081-004-5
Saul, J.M. (2014): Conditions for the formation of crystalline colored gemstones (CCGs), 21st International
Mineralogical Association, (Johannesburg, 31 Aug.-5 Sept 2014) Poster and Abstract, p.284.

Saul, J.M. (2013): “Chronique de la découverte de trois mines historiques de gemmes en Afrique de l’Est”, Cahier
N°2 Règne Minéral, "Les Gemmes du Gondwana", pp.89-96, Le Règne Minéral, Cahier – 2 – 2011.
Feneyrol J., Giuliani G., Ohnenstetter D., Fallick A.E., Martelat J.M., Monié P., Dubessy C., Rollion-Bard Cl., Le
Goff E., Malisa E., Rakotondrazafy A.F.M., Pardieu V., Kahn T., Ichang'i, D., Venance E., Voarintsoa
N.R., Ranatsenho M., Simonet C., Omito E., Nyamai C., Saul M., Saul E., Saul J. (2013): “A la poursuite
du grenat vert vanadifère”, Cahier N°2 Règne Minéral, "Les Gemmes du Gondwana", pp.57-70.
Saul, John M. (2013): The Tale Told in All Lands, E/dite, Paris, reissued by Les 3 Colonnes, Paris, 624pp. ISBN
978-2-37081-005-2 PDF60 (with updates)
Saul, John M. (2013): "A triple association at the collision of East and West Gondwana", 34th International
Gemmological Conference (IGC34), Hanoi (13-16 Oct. 2013) Abstract.

Saul, John M. (2011): “Homosexuality as a normal and necessary outcome of natural selection”, 15 th Evolutionary
Biology Meeting, Marseilles, Poster. PDF59
Feneyrol, Julien, Gaston Giuliani, Daniel Ohnenstetter, Elizabeth Le Goff, E.P.J. Malisa, Mark Saul, Eric Saul,
John Saul and Vincent Pardieu (2010): “Lithostratigraphic and structural controls of 'tsavorite' deposits at
Lemshuku, Merelani area, Tanzania”, C.R. Géosciences, vol. 342, pp.778-785.
doi:10.1016/j.crte.2010.06.003 PDF55
Feneyrol, Julien, Gaston Giuliani, Daniel Ohnenstetter , Mark Saul, Eric Saul, John M. Saul (2010): “Le District
minière à ‘tsavorite’ de Lemshuku, Tanzanie”, Revue de Gemmologie a.f.g. (Association Française de
Gemmologie), No.172 (June) p.11-22. PDF56
Saul, John (2010): “Emplacement d’un gisement de rubis sur le périmeère d’une grande structure circulaire”,
Réunion des Sciences de la Terre, Bordeaux (October) Abstract 608. PDF58

Ferrière L., B. Devouard, S. Goderis, P. Vincent, D. Bernon, R. Lorillard and J.M. Saul (2009): Petrographic and
geochemical study of an anomalous melt rock from the Gilf Kebir plateau, close to the Libyan desert
glass area, Egypt, 72nd Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting, Abstract #5384 (CD-ROM). PDF53

Saul, John M. (2009): "Vertically Stacked Deposits of Colored Gemstones in Gondwanaland & the Emergence of
Complex Multi-Celled Animals: two consequences of a Unique Set of Events", 31 th International
Gemmological Conference (IGC31, expanded abstract) pp.46-48, Arusha, Tanzania PDF52
Omelyanchuk, Leonid V., Julya A. Pertseva and John M. Saul (2009): "Evolutionary origin of the tumor
suppressor Hyperplastic discs protein", Silico Biology, vol. 9, pp.1-5; on-line 27 April 2009;
Bioinformation Systems e.V: PDF51
Wilson, Wendell E., John M. Saul, Vincent Pardieu and Richard W. Hughes (2009): "The Merelani Tanzanite
Mines, Lelatema Mountains, Arusha Region, Tanzania", Mineralogical Record, vol.40(5), pp.366-408,
Full Issue, September/October.


Schwarz, D., V. Pardieu, J.M. Saul, K. Schmetzer, B.M. Laurs, G. Giuliani, L. Klemm, A.-K. Malsy, E. Erel, C.
Hauzenberger, G. Du Toit, A.E. Fallick and D. Ohnenstetter (2008): "Rubies and Sapphires from Winza,
Central Tanzania", Gems & Gemology, vol. 44(4), pp.322–347. PDF50
Saul, John M. (2008): "Did detoxification processes cause complex life to emerge?", Lethaia, vol. 42, pp.179-184;
on-line 21 August 2008; DOI: 10.1111/j.1502-3931.2008.00126.x PDF49

Saul, John (2007-2008): "Tanzanite: Its discovery and early days", InColor, insert. (Originally misprinted, then
corrected and re-issued as a 2-page insert in the issue of Fall-Winter 2007-2008) PDF48. Reworked and
reprinted with additional illustrations (2008) as "Goan Prospector Discovers Tanzanite", Old Africa,
Issue 16 (April-May 2008) pp.10-12.
Saul, John M. (2007): "Is Libyan Glass an Impact Product?, Part I: Background", Meteorite, vol. 13(3), pp.36-39
and "Is Libyan Glass an Impact Product?, Part II: Description and Models for Formation", Meteorite, vol.
13(4), pp.5-9. [In 2 parts] PDF47
Saul, J.M. (2007): "Origin of Crystalline Colored Gemstones in Gondwanaland and the Greater Himalayan
Region", 30 th International Gemmological Conference (IGC30, expanded abstract), pp.87-89. Moscow
(July 2007) PDF46
Saul, John M. (2007): "Origin of the phyla and cancer", Lethaia, vol. 40(4), pp.359-363. PDF45
Saul, John M. and Laurent Schwartz (2007): "Cancer as a consequence of the rising level of oxygen in the Late
Precambrian", Lethaia, vol. 40(3), pp.211-220. PDF41

Saul, John M. (2006): “Mary Magdalene’s Secret History Encoded in a Seventeenth-Century Epic Poem” in Dan
Burstein and Arne de Keijzer (eds.), Secrets of Mary Magdalene, CDS Books, pp.217-224. PDF44
Reprinted in Rhedesium, No.1 (Feb. 2008) pp.43-47. ISSN 1479-1560 (Translated into several languages;
the French translation is not good.).
Saul, John M. (2006): "'Ice Meteorites': Is it prudent to ignore anecdotal reports?", Meteorite, vol. 12(2), pp.20-21.
Saul, John M. (2006; 2014): "1918: Pete Hesser's Children, la Gourme, and New Information on the Flu
Pandemic". Posted Feb. 1, 2006: ; and later
reposted with incorrect attribution(!); again reposted, correctly, March 2014, at
the-flu-pandemic and PDF39
Deschamps, Y., E. Le Goff, J.P. Milesi, C. Simonet, S. Muhongo, B.A. Mcharo, H.A.B. Kampunzu, P. Pinna, F.
Ralay and J.M. Saul (March 2006): Géologie et Minéralisations à gemmes d'Afrique de l'Est, 1:4,000,000
map, BRGM, 45060 Orleans, France. (Map)
Deschamps Yves, Elizabeth Le Goff, J.P. Milesi, Cédric Simonet, S. Muhongo B.A. Mcharo, H.A.B. Kampunzu,
P. Pinna, F. Ralay & John M. Saul (2006): "Gemstone Resources and potential of East Africa and
Madagascar", Abstract, CAG21 - 21 st Colloquium of African Geology, Maputo, Mozambique, July 3-5.

Saul, John M. (2004): "Geological Consequences of the Late Heavy Bombardment", Meteorite, vol. 10(1),
(February) pp.13-18. PDF38

Saul, John M. (2003): “’Poussin, Teniers…’ and Balzac’s Le Chef-d’œuvre inconnu (The Unknown Masterpiece)”,
Journal of the Rennes Alchemist, No. 2 (February) pp.66-70. ISSN 1479-1560. WORD 37(incomplete)

Saul, John M. (2002): “Was the first language purposefully invented?”, Mother Tongue: Journal of the
Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory, No.VII, pp.259-264. PDF36

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Kenya”, Ore Geology Reviews, vol.14, pp.83-104. PDF35

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Geophysical Research, vol.101, No. E7 (25 July 1996) pp.16,905-16,907. PDF33. Updated August 1997
as “Beware the End of June”, Meteorite!, vol. 3(3), pp.24-26.
Saul, J. (1996): “Electrum in Antiquity: Why was one word used for two substances?”, The Australian
Gemmologist, vol. 19(7), pp.285-287. PDF34

Saul, John M. (1994): “Cancer and Autoimmune disease: A Cambrian couple?”, Geology, vol. 22(1) (January) p.5.
PDF32 GSA on-line archive has defective link.
Saul, J. (1994): “‘As it is Above, So Shall it be Below’: the Blueprint of Civilization”, Archaeoastronomy: Journal
of the Center of Archaeoastronomy, Vol. XI-1989-1993, pp.104-107, College Park, MD. PDF31

Saul, John M. (1990): "Large Precambrian impact sites lacking the usual criteria for shock metamorphism",
Abstracts for the International Workshop on Meteorite Impact on the Early Earth, Perth, Australia (Sept.
1990), Lunar and Planetary Institute, LPI Contribution #746, NASA-CR-185355, pp.44-45. PDF30

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PDF16. • reviewed by Keith Hindley, New Scientist (11 Aug. 1977). PDF16a (incomplete)

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